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Under the Melting Snow

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

All of our experience with the homestead has been under a heavy blanket of snow. As the snow melts we have the chance to meet the soil for the first time and to reflect on the many members of the community that brought is to this moment.

Trout lilly and trillium are some of the first flowers to emerge in the spring in our hillside.

A Community of Support

Like everything, our first steps onto the land could not have happened without a whole community of support. Over the past years we've dreamed with friends, family members, and with each other. In addition we've relied on a variety of voices of people who have lived more closely to the land than we have yet in our lives. Here are some of the places and resources that have been foundational to our process of dreaming: Metanoia VT - Mark and Lisa, Kairos Earth - Steve, Homestead Honey - Terry, The Modern Homesteading Podcast - Harold. We've also filled a bookshelf with resources. The most helpful so far have been: Resilient Homestead by Ben Falk, Story's Guides (specifically Chickens and Dairy Goats but the entire series is worth while), Five Acres and Independence by MG Kains, Back to Basics from Reader's Digest, and The Vegetable Gardner's Bible by Edward Smith.

Got a Question?

Please feel free to contact Rachel & Jonathan if you have any questions about the work that we are doing or if you have some ideas that you are bursting to share or explore.

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