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Events and Retreats

Let us support your journey of healing with the land.


Come Visit Us

Your Journey with the Earth

A walk in the woods or marsh, a guided tour of the farm, still time in the labyrinth, overnight camping or a stay in our off grid hermitage (coming spring 2024!) - we are eager to explore with you how our land community can support your journey of healing with the land. To attend our events please rsvp using the event links above, and reach out to us with any questions. 


Farm Systems Consultations

Regenerative Principles for Building Eden

We are happy to discern with you about your relationship with the land and how it impacts what you grow, how you grow, and how you might want to deepen and enhance your growing systems. Jonathan is available for consultation regarding: orchards (pruning, maintenance, site placement), mushroom cultivation, and cannabis set ups. Rachel is available for consultation regarding: pasture management, animal systems, and developing an eco-spiritual presence with the land. Together we bring more than 20 years of experience in these fields.


Farm Fresh Products

Eggs, Milk, Pasture Raised Meats...and more!

All of our products are available by donation. We pride ourselves in deeply loving relationships with all of our animals. They give of themselves daily, and we honor and support them in their gifts. All of our animals are raised, cared for, and slaughtered on our farm by our own hands. We believe in taking responsibility for the hard parts as well as the fun parts of animal husbandry, and want our animals to be somewhere they are comfortable and loved every moment of their lives. All of our retreat menus incorporate food grown on our farm.

(Because of current on farm slaughter laws we are not able to sell any of our meats. Our eggs and dairy are also for sale, with the warning that consuming raw dairy can carry dangerous bacteria - which is why we take exceptional care of our milk mama, Mocha!) 

All of our products and consultations are available on a sliding scale according to ability to pay. Donations to the farm are greatly appreciated and we are happy to share with you pictures, stories, and experiences with the animals and plants that your donations go to support!


Book Our Yurt 

Join Spirit Dinner

Third Thursday at the Farm


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