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Welcome to Heartberry Hollow Farm & Forest

Rooted in Land, Growing in Love

About Us

Our Background

We are delighted to be a part of the community that we call Heartberry Hollow Farm & Forest in East Roxbury, VT. This land is part of the Abenaki territory and nestled in the mountains of central Vermont. We purchased Heartberry Hollow in the winter of 2019 with the intention to build a life here among the red oaks, white pines, beaver, red winged blackbirds, and other members of the land community. Our hope is that over the next number of years we will evolve along with the land to learn what is coming into well as introducing a few things that are close to our hearts! We have a flock of laying hens, raise meat chickens and ducks, as well as raising heritage pork and raw milk from our beloved Jersey cow Mocha. 

We have milk, eggs, and occasionally overabundance from our organic vegetable garden and orchards for sale. Our farm stand is open from 7-7 every day except Monday, or by appointment. We offer landscape consulting, tree assessments, and permaculture design conversations by appointment. Please reach out to us with questions about our products, or if you are interested in any educational or spiritual programming on the farm.


Our Vision

Rooted in Land, Growing in Love


We took the name from a combination of images. First, because in Christian tradition the heart of Christ bears special significance - the heartbeat of life that enlivens all things and draws us closer to the source of being. Second, because in her book "Braiding Sweetgrass" Robin Wall Kimmerer describes the significance of strawberries as the first gift of the earth, freely given. For this reason the strawberry signifies both the unity of all things in the Divine and the generosity of the earth - freely giving of itself. The blending of Christian and indigenous imagery is an intentional way of reflecting both the history of colonization in the christian faith, and our commitment to becoming "indigenous to place" as Kimmerer herself encourages settlers/colonials to do.

Image by Daniel Haaf

Land Community

Our first priority is to listen to the land and to learn to trust what the earth is offering to us rather than entering and colonizing the area immediately. We know that there is a robust community of life already present that has been lovingly tended by human beings for thousands of years. We are thrilled to continue to learn about the more-than-human community that thrives here. 

We have introduced heritage breeds of chickens, pigs, and cows in our process of working with domesticated animals to build soil, sink carbon, and heal the land together. 


Community Partners

Beginning in 2023 we formally launched the Spirit Dinner community in partnership with the Diocese of Vermont and The Episcopal Church. 

This community meets on Third Thursdays of the month and is open to all persons who are seeking an supportive space to explore their spirituality. 


Come and Visit

We gladly welcome guests, visitors, and friends who are curious to see this incredible place. Whether it be time in prayer alone in the woods, time with Rachel and Jonathan, or a few hours of stress-release working in the garden, we are delighted to talk with you and see how we can support you and share this land with you.

Come and stay with us! Our yurt is available through AirBnb here.

Our farm stand is open from 7am-7pm (closed on Mondays). Visits are by appointment.


Get in Touch

Steele Hill Rd, Randolph, VT, USA

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