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About Us

Our Journey with the Land to remember our Humanity

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Jonathan Moulin

Arborist, Climber & Cultivator

Born in Montreal and growing up in Burlington, trees and mountains have never been far from Jonathan. Combine that with an enthusiasm for anything more than 20 feet off the ground, and you get an arborist! When he's not off the ground he's growing mushrooms, milking our cow, and splitting firewood.


Rachel Field

Priest, Birder, & Writer

Rachel grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and spent every moment she could running around outdoors (shoes off was preferable). Spending summers in Vermont meant that when her desire to learn with the land about what it means to be a human began to take shape the mountains were an easy invitation. When she's not working with the Episcopal Church, she's probably curled up with a book, stalking warblers, or snuggling with her cat Eowyn.


The Land

The hills of Vermont were carved by glaciers over thousands of years. They are an old mountain range referred to as the Green Mountains in Vermont. This land is the home of the Abenaki who have stewarded this land for thousands of years and continue to live and work on the land. 
We came to this land in 2019 when we were looking for a place to build a more interdependent life. Life with each other, life with the more-than-human community, and life with a human community. 
What we found here continues to amaze us. The beaver pond boasts a wild array of grasses, flowers, mammals, amphibians, bugs, and birds. The mixed deciduous forests have ephemeral wildflowers, warblers, owls, red squirrels, and even bobcat. Our meadow is home to a whopping variety of native bees and wasps, flowers, and wild strawberries. 
We are on a journey together. A journey to build soil, heal ourselves, and grow abundant life. Come with us.

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