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An Unexpected Invitation

We spend a lot of time working slowly, intentionally, with inner stillness so that we can hear that “still small voice” of the Divine speaking in our community and through our work.

And sometimes…the Spirit comes crashing through our lives in full volume.

Over the past month, our farm has experienced an unexpected cataract of power from the Spirit and we are completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity we have received.

Because of a good friend’s incredible generosity of heart and finance, we are thrilled beyond imagining to say that we have received enough funding to begin construction on a small hermitage on the hillside.

This simple, off-grid structure, with its wall of windows opening onto the sloping, hemlock grove wetland, will provide a safe container for the unsafe work of encountering the Spirit in the wilderness.

Can you picture it? The sunlight falling across the hand-milled, timber frame construction crafted from trees harvested from our land? The memory of the steaming breath of horses seeped into the sustainable pine board siding from Third Branch Horse Logging?

This has been a dream brewing for the past six months, and one we never imagined that we would be able to begin this winter.

The $3,000 seed funding we have received will cover one-third of the project costs. If we as a community can raise an additional $6,000 over the next month, we will be able to have the hermitage fully constructed and usable for this coming season.

Jonathan photoshopped this image of the hermitage into the hillside where it will hold travelers for rest and renewal.

We are overjoyed that this is moving from imagination into reality.

Above all we are so grateful. Grateful for each of you, grateful for this incredible hillside, grateful for the ability to dream together about how we as humans can become more fully alive through deep, healing, relationship with the more-than-human community.

With love and in the peace of wild things,

Rachel and Jonathan

PS - All donations in support of this emergence of spirit are tax deductible if donated through The Retreat House at Hillsboro. If you are moved to donate, simply add a note in the “notes” box that this donation is intended to support the Hermitage at Heartberry Hollow.

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